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TCABL: Free Agents

How many Workouts sessions must I attend?

One is enough, however, it is always better to attend a couple so all the Managers get a good look at your skills. It also tells them that you are enthusiastic about playing. And, of course, if you wait until the last tryout session and it rains, you're out of luck.

What must I do at Workouts?

Just relax and have fun. You will be asked to demonstrate your skills as related to your desired position(s). This may mean hitting, running, throwing and fielding. Running will be voluntary, but if you show off good foot speed, it is an excellent skill for senior players. If you are a pitcher or catcher, you will, of course, be asked to pitch or catch. You should try out for all the positions you want to play in the TCABL.

Do you need to be in shape?

Like John Kruk of the Phillies once said, 'I'm not an athlete, I'm a baseball player.' So there is hope for all of us. At this senior level, the player who is in good condition can often times outperform a more skilled player.

What if you have not played for awhile?

Welcome to the crowd. Almost everyone now playing in the TCABL had not played for a number of years. If you played some high school baseball, you probably won't have any trouble competing. Actually, there are some good players in the League who were outstanding athletes in other sports, but never played baseball during their youth. Give it a whirl; there is no cost to work out.

What about equipment?

Uniform expense will be up to each team, most teams have jersey's but you will have to maybe purchase a hat and pants on your own.  You will need your own glove, cleats (metal and/or plastic) and other personal gear that you may feel you need. Most teams will have bats to use, but these usually belong to individual players. You are encouraged to have your own bat and batting helmet. A helmet that fits can be purchased for $15-40 from a baseball catalog or a sporting goods store. Wood bats are mandatory.

If you are still interested in participating in the TCABL this year and have questions please contact the TCABL player agent at or call 509-845-3317.
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